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Town and Country Planning Department of Peninsular Malaysia is the custodian of land use data in Peninsular Malaysia especially the built-up area. Our department is also one of the federal agencies that provides data to MaCGDI. All the landuse data in the JPBD Landuse Portal is extracted from development plans conducted by the department with collaboration of various state authories and local authorities including NPP, SP and LP.

All the geospatial data purchased will be charged according to the rate approved by Ministry of Finance as following except application from government agencies through MyGDI http://www.mygeoportal.gov.my

Charges rate:
National Physical Plan : RM 483.00 / MB
Structure Plan : RM 483.00 / MB
Local Plan : RM 483.00 / MB
Less than 1MB : RM 0.50 / kb

For further enquiries, please contact us :

Jabatan Perancangan Bandar Dan Desa Semenanjung Malaysia,
Jalan Cenderasari,
50646 Kuala Lumpur,

Telefon: 03-26989211
Faks : 03-26989994