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Makluman Kepada Pengguna Landuse Portal

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JPBD Landuse Portal application is using Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise for searching function by lot, mukim, district, state and detail landuse in the JPBD Landuse Portal and display it in internet browser(Internet Explorer).
All geospatial data is big and heavy, speed of retrieving the information is depend on computer system dan Internet Service Provider. Proposed minimum computer system specification for optimum access are:-
- Pentium IV 1.5GHZ processor
- 40GB HDD
- 1 Mbps internet service provider
- Internet Explorer (IE7 is more better)

Who can access JPBD Landuse Portal
JPBD Landuse Portal is developed to satisfy the public needs in accessing the existing and proposed landuse information for planning purposes, development, property management, research, education, monitoring and improve the publics develivery system to the people. Landuse Portal is mean to be accessed by everyone.

What is the product and services
JPBD Landuse Portal provides existing and proposed landuse information (Zoning) in all the development plans prepared under Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) including National Physical Plan (NPP), Structure Plan (SP) and Local Plan (LP).

Source of Data
Data sources is always the most challenging task in building up GIS. All the landuse information in the Landuse Portal is extracted from development studies conducted during 8th Malaysia Plan including NPP, SP and LP. Other data is obtained from other government agencies such as JUPEM, MACRES, MacGDI, State Autority and Local Authority.

What is National Physical Plan
NPP is prepared under provision of Section 6B, Town and Country Planning Act 1976(Act 172), a national blueprint for spatial planning in Peninsular Malaysia. It is a tool to achieve an integrated and sustainable landuse plannning.

What is Structure Plan
SP is prepared under provision of Section 8, Act 172, a written statement formulating the policy and general porposals of the state Authority in respect of the development and use of land in that state including measures for he improvement of physical living environment, the improvement of communications, the managemntof traffic, the improvemnt of socio-economic well-being and the promotion of economic growth and for facilitating sustainable development.

What is Local Plan
LP is prepared under provision of Section 12, Act 172, formulating a detailed and appropriate proposal for the development and use of land in the area of local plan including such measures as improvement of physical environment, the improvement of communications and management of traffic.